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Mama Dee Botanicals is a family-owned and run business that produces natural CBD body care products.



11 months ago

Absolutely amazing and soothing on the body! Leaves the skin nice and soft and calm.

11 months ago

LOVE this product. Seriously works best for pain relief. Used these often and couldn't believe the results. Super gentle & Ahh-MAZING!!

1 year ago

For years I use to have chronic swelling, pain and stiffness in my fingers from arthritis. I do use Turmeric; but still had puffiness and some pain in my joints. Since I’ve included using the Coconut and Hemp Rub I do not have the puffiness or pain in my joints. YAY!
My skin is softer, clearer and l get lots of complements on my skin. I Love this product!
My Cat is benefiting too! He has always had stomach issues, throwing up his food excessively. Since he has been interested in licking my hands after I rub in the Coconut and Hemp Rub; I've noticed that he doesn't throw up his food as often. I put extra rub on my hands just for my cat!
I Highly Recommend this product!

2 years ago
Lara R.

Incredible pain relief without feeling "high". Gentle and reliable!

2 years ago
Myra Maines

Amazing pain relief!

Let nature lead the way

Organic and beyond growing practices harness the full benefit of the plant. No chemicals or pesticides are ever used in our grows. Companion planting with other plants for natural predator defense and nutrients are used instead. Only all-natural organic compost and compost teas are applied. All ethically and mindfully Choreographed to facilitate optimal plant health and potency.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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